Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Create a Resume I'll Read

Let me preface this by saying that this post is purely based on my preferences and my experience (as is the entirety of this blog, in fact). Other hiring managers might like a flashy resume in a scripty font. Other hiring managers might like a long list of your skills with just a brief mention of your work history. Other hiring managers might want to know that you like to shop and garden in your spare time. not.

I prefer clean, simple, straightforward....yet detailed and precise resumes. Sections I could do without: 1. Objective (just seems like a throw-away section to me), 2. Skills (I never read this, I prefer to read about your skills in your cover letter and deduce your skills from the accomplishments listed on your resume. 3. Other activities. Amuse me with stories about your hobbies during our small talk before your interview. I don't want to read about how you have 3 kids on your resume.

Crucial Details: 1. Education (degree, school, and major - I don't need GPA unless it's awesome), 2. Resume organized by your most recent position (Company name, location, your title, your dates of employment) 3. Specific duties listed under each job title (Don't group these all together and then give me a separate list of the jobs you had. It's counter-intuitive and seems a little confusing to me).

Helpful Extras: 1. Trainings you've attended - particularly if you're trying to get a job that's a step-up for you! Showcasing the training you've received can help fill in the gaps in your resume. 2. Volunteer positions you've held - again, this can speak to your additional experience.

A word about length - stick to a page when you first graduate from college. After a few jobs you can increase it to two pages.

That's my intro into resumes - got more questions? Hit me up in the comments section!

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