Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Other Other Side: Advice for Hiring Managers

So this blog is all about giving you an understanding of the other side of getting a job, from the perspective of the hiring manager. However, lately I've heard from several people who are in the process of filling a position and would like to know what I look for when I am interviewing people.

To be quite honest, for me, it all comes down to two factors: trusting my gut and paying attention to every detail. I only have a couple of brief opportunities to access a candidate, so while I'm observing all of someone's positive attributes, I'm also assessing every possible red flag. Here's some possible red flags that catch my attention:

Red Flags:
1. Arrives way early or late to the interview
2. Wears casual attire
3. Misses sections on our employment application
4. Forgets to bring resume copies
3. Bad-mouths former employer/boss
4. Vague answers to questions
5. Can't give me precise numbers or dates
6. Doesn't take notes when I tell them about the position
7. Doesn't have questions to ask
8. Doesn't express enthusiasm for the job
9. Obviously hasn't done any research about the position or our company

Trusting My Gut:

I usually am more willing to take a chance on people when I'm hiring for entry-level positions. I know it tends to be a younger profile candidate and they are learning how to approach professional life. I'm willing to train entry level candidates how to be great employees...but when I'm hiring for mid-level managers, I really trust my intuition. I will wait until I find that right person and usually I can tell if this is the right candidate within 10 minutes of our first conversation. It's just a gut reaction that I can't explain. Something feels right and I know this is the person for the job. Several times I've hired people when I didn't feel 100% in my gut that they were right for the position and I've always regretted these decisions. So I will continue to trust my gut and hope that you do too!

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