Monday, May 16, 2011

How to Prepare for an Interview

Congratulations! You've crafted a straightforward and compelling cover letter and resume. Next, your confident voice and lack of obvious mental instability during the phone screen has qualified you for an interview. Now what?

Time to prepare!

1. Memorize your resume. This sounds easy enough, but be sure you can name the details of your most impressive accomplishments in an articulate manner.

2. Practice your answers to the typical interview questions. Best qualities, what you want to improve, what you have to offer, etc etc. You can google "interview questions" for some more ideas. I like this list as well. Make sure you have a good answer for why you are looking for a new job. Ahem, I can't stand my boss does not qualify as a good answer. More on this in another post.

3. Research the company. Check out their website. Memorize their mission statement. Think about where they might need to go in the next 5 years. Consider how you can contribute to their success.

4. Prepare your questions. I love when candidates ask me why I like working for my company. I love when they ask about opportunities for advancement internally. I love when they ask where we are headed as an organization. I hate when candidates have NO questions to ask.

Pretty simple, right?

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