Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tell me a little about yourself...

Hiring people is a big part of my job. Everyday I sift through 20-40 applications for various openings, trying to find the rare gems who can use spell check proficiently enough to earn a phone screen. I often wonder how many hard-working, qualified people I pass over because of their narcissistic cover letter ("I'd be a great fit for your company because I would get to do a lot of new things that would advance my career") or vague resume (I'm looking for titles, company names, dates, and duties, people!). I'm sure they mean well. Maybe no one ever told them that employers want to know what you have to offer them, not the other way around.

And then there's the interview. I conduct a thorough phone screening but you'd be surprised at the number of candidates I couldn’t wait to meet in person who NEVER SHOW UP TO THE INTERVIEW. Or the ones who stroll in five minutes late. Or wearing a jean skirt.

Nothing I will offer on this blog is rocket science. But I'm realizing that presenting yourself effectively is not always common sense, plus my friends and family might appreciate a refresher course from someone on the "other side of the table". The purpose of this blog is to help my readers learn how to present themselves from the application process through job acceptance in a way that's honest but also appealing. Maybe you'll also get to hear some snippets of the cover letter horror stories I share with my co-workers everyday... "Oh my gosh, get in here, you aren't going to believe this one!" Don't let this be you.

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